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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ga nam huong

Thursday, February 28, 2008

banh cuon tom
its pretty much the same with banh cuon ga. but this one has shrimp..
so if u like seafood, u shud try this one, altho i must say that i think banh cuon ga taste better than this one ;)

banh cuon ga
well.. we call it lumpia here .. but as u know, lumpia has two varieties, n this one is as we indonesian people call as 'lumpia basah' so they dont fry it..
it taste really nice, with a special sauce ti dip in.. so u shud try... oh, n its chicken n veggies..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

the duck king restaurant,
its located in plasa semanggi 2nd floor..
they serve peking duck and other chinese foods..
mostly they serve seafood, like prawn, squids, fish, n stuff
the place is nice eventhough its quite crowded with small spaces between tables n chair
the price is quite high also, but of course they have a nice service...
so when u feel like u wanna try some chinese food esp duck or seafood
then i would recommend the duck king..
i heard that they have another branch in sum mall, but i forgot where is it ;)

Friday, January 19, 2007

venus' fettucine con pollo
it tastes ok, eventho' its not as creamy as i like, n.. they serve it wit chicken katsu...

venus' for lady only

me-mamat-fresty at hardrock jakarta

hardrock's fish n chips

hardrock's cheese burger
well... guess u guys know that the food portion in hardrock is sooo big... sumtimes i don't think i can finish it unless sum1 help me out ;)

brownies ice cream hard rock

hardrock's cobb salad

legendary burger

Friday, August 11, 2006

tekka maki En'

black pepper beef En'

En' japanese dining....
ex entertainment centre 2nd floor
it's a fine japanese restaurant with a reasonable price. they serve most of jap-foods including rice,sushi, and noodles...
they have a wide variety of sake. it looks really nice the way they create the atmosphere..
it's not much of lights in there, so its almost a bar i guess..
i went there with 2 of my friends n each of us tried different food..
i tried the tempura udon, n the other ordered black pepper beef (it has a special name but i forgot) and tako rice. we also ordered tekka maki, which is quite nice also :)
it's a nice restaurant with good service (y i said good? it's bcos their comp is broke down when we came, n it took 20min 4 them to write down the bill with hand-writing of course..)

Friday, July 28, 2006

the Al-Jazeerah restaurant
it's located in Jln. Raden Saleh, turn left from taman Ismail Marzuki n u'll find this restaurant on the left...
it looks small from the outside, but actually it's pretty big inside.
they served lebanese restaurant with quite a price.. its pretty much expensive if u compare with other lebanese restaurant such as Al-Nafoura in Le Meridien hotel and Lebanon restaurant in Jakarta theatre...
y i think it's expensive, cos u don't get quite a service there.
it's a lame service.. they give the menu for quite a time..
n thats y i think it's not that worth to eat here..
i mean sure the food quite nice, but if u don't get good service then u'll be disapponted...
me n two friends of mine order shish kebab (lamb) and shish tawouk (chicken) it was quite nice, but i don't feel bout eating there again :)

tempura udon in fusion restaurant

FUSION at the plaza semanggi 3a floor...
they serve fusion sushi n other japanese food...
actually i haven't tried the sushi, but me n my friend eat the chikara ramen (the one in the pic) n tempura udon...
i find it yummy.. i mean, i like the ramen :)
unfortunately, if u go to plaza semanggi, this is the only resto that serve sushi..
they got another sushi resto by the giant hypermarket, but its closed now :(
so.. not much of a choice if u wanna have sushi in plaza semanggi....
the price is average also... it costs around 40 for a ramen or udon...

Monday, July 24, 2006

kwetiaw sapi kelapa gading....
it's a famous restaurant in kelapa gading... most of people know it
since it's a kwetiaw restaurant, of course they serve kwetiaw.
my fave menu are kwetiaw siram or kwetiaw bun :)
it tastes really yummm....
there are times when i visit there like umm... once every 2 days ;)
i know it sounds tooo much, but trust me.. once u've had a taste of that
u'll wanna comeback again..again..and again :D
it's located in kelapa gading boulevard, not so far from the big BCA bank..
next to the gado-gado boplo :)
and the price is not expensive. it's 15.000 per portion
other than kwetiaw, they serve fried rice, meatballs, n stuff....
so next time u come to kelapa gading, make sure u come here ok.....
and umm... the pic here, its kwetiaw siram sapi...
and don't ask bout how it taste, cos it taste damn good....

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